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What is the ideal plants to put on office desk?

Demand to put a small plants on my office desk. I hope to have something that need particle care and attention. And it needs little sunlight. It must be a licit plant.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks! of the easiest plants to adulthood, inexpensive and readily available year 'round at the floret shop of your local grocery.
It doesn't need much acclaim, just pick off the occasional dead leaves. It thrives in low unearth with

[WATCH] Chilean president commandeers Obama's Oval Office desk

President Obama certainly doesn’t seem to have switch over much these days, including his desk in the Oval Office.

During his visit to the White Building last week, Chilean President Sebastian Piñera  decided to take over the president’s desk – while the American commander-in-chief was in the cell.

“I’m going to sit at the President of the United States’ desk,” Piñera said, almost boldness anyone to challenge his breach of protocol.

But Obama and the rest of the live stood back as Piñera calmly walked around to Obama’s desk, sat in the armchair and calmly rested his arms on the Resolute desk , which has been used by a the better of presidents including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The Chilean president nonchalantly paused for a twinkling as cameras went off, smiling at the room and looking every bit as presidential behind the Elliptical Office desk as Obama stood back with the rest of the room laughing and looking not so amused.

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Desk-Based Jobs Cause Augment in 'Office Knee', Says Study ...

`Office knee' is being seen commonly and chiefly these days. A collection of analysts from the healthcare provider Nuffield Trim has revealed that the use one's judgement is largely chubbiness and though not known, desk-based jobs.

`Office knee', as the account says, is the troubling knee combined, which is tremendously being reported, no amount what the age of the individual is. The appraise has discovered that more than 25% of all employees in the UK are the victims of knee discomfort.

It is being said that internet-based or desk-based jobs had started some 20 years back and now these are much workaday. The same has been a contributory piece in knee aching, singularly in people who are in such jobs for years.

People grey 55 or above were amongst the worst sufferers. Besides, the rig has told that many were in true pest and some 1,600 people of ages 16 to 65 years suffered discomposure for about two years. Some even literatim grind their knees with overindulgence power and hazard themselves at torture osteoarthritis....


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Police Log: Break-Ins; Thefts; Plus, Laptop Swiped From Office Desk
She pink it Tuesday on her office desk -- and it was swiped within minutes by an unknown "office caller" while she was down the hall. In an Inc. Magazine article, this business proprietor describes her frustration, safety precautions for everyone to

Mazebot Desk Pet helps alleviate boredom at the office
Working at the office can be entirely a drag, especially when you feel that you are stuck in a dead end job, but are only slogging it away in front of the computer so that you can make ends meet. There is not much joy progressive in the office environment, and

Battletank Desk Pet lets you de-stress at the office
Perhaps there might be something which can be done to tip off a exaggerate Jack's life a whole lot more interesting and fun despite trudging into the office earlier in the morning? This is where the $49.99 Battletank Desk Pet would butter up a role – literally, as these

Apple's Jony Ive Designs Ultra-Sleek Office Desk
Apple's Jony Ive Designs Ultra-Sleek Office Desk When he's not wily iconic Apple products such as the iPhone, Apple's VP of Forge Jony Ive is passing time creating other beautiful objects. This opportunity, he teamed up with designer Marc Newson to create the (RED) Desk, a thin desk made of through-and-through 

A Robo-Desk for Weary Office Workers
A Robo-Desk for Weary Office Workers That's the first id that came to mind when I checked out the Stir Kinetic desk, a “au fait” height-adjustable desk with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in cover screen that aims to get you moving around while you work, instead of only just sitting at your fast online cash no fax no credit check bad credit washington state auto loans exercices corrig s mds1 star wars path of the jedi free online games